Hi!  I’m Jessica.  

Welcome to my blog – Skin Creamz

I am obsessed with everything to do with beauty and love discovering new products and share my findings. I started Skin Creamz as a hobby and I never imagined it would become what it is today. 

Skin Creamz is a place to talk about products and experiences in a way that keeps things real for my readers who are time-strapped working women/men, housewives including the next door teens.

I love to share about beauty in an honest and accessible way for people just like me – keeping things simple and straight. 

I also love the fact that people rely on me to know what’s new and worth trying, and I work hard to achieve that. 

Going ahead you can find useful information, DIY, and guides that will help you know your skin and its requirements in a better way. To give your skin the best that it deserves.

I just felt that people had a right to know – if they were buying top quality products or simply throwing their money away. 

Skin Creamz showcase products that I think are excellent, beautiful, and exciting, that are helpful and suited for a particular skin condition. 

To have a happy, smiling & loving skin.