Cream for pimples and dark spots

Last Updated: 5th January 2022

There are many reasons to break out a pimple or acne which entirely depends on your skin type, diet, physical and mental condition. Even pollution can also be a reason.

Here is a great list of best pimple creams that are suitable for various types of skins categorized based on the below parameters.

  • Paraben-free
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisturizing ability
  • Ingredients

Best Face Cream for Pimples and Black Spots in 2022

#1. Oriflame Optimals Even Out Night Cream

Oriflame Optimals Even Out Night Cream

Oriflame Optimals Even Out is a perfect night cream to reduce the appearance of dark spots. This product is also helpful to avoid pigmentation.

Regular usage helps to prevent future dark spots and promotes a more radiant and even complexion.

Oriflame even out night cream uses a Swedish natural ingredient blend with Meadowsweet, Gooseberry and Rosehip Seed Oil. Those are optimized to help you reduce dark spots.

This night cream helps inhibit melanin production and to even out the skin tone.  One drawback is, it’s price. Comparatively costly.


  • Best to treat dark spots
  • Skin complexion is more uniform in 2-weeks time
  • Evens skin tone
  • Reduces discoloration


  • Costly

#2. Richfeel Anti Blemish Cream

Richfeel Anti Blemish Cream

Richfeel is a natural anti-blemish cream ideal for normal and dry skin. This cream helps to reduce acne marks, dark circles, pigmentation and pimples. 

Richfeel anti-blemish cream contains extracts of Berberis and Calendula. Berberis is ideal for a fairer looking skin, gives spotless complexion and Calendula helps in fighting sunburns, and rashes.

Before applying, cleanse your skin thoroughly, take the cream on fingertips and massage on your face in circular motions. Leave there overnight. In the morning you may get fairer and glowing skin.


  • Ideal for skin blemishes and pigmentation
  • Works as a skin moisturizer too
  • Best for small and new acne marks 
  • Value for money


  • Not so good to work on old acne

#3. Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

Kama Ayurveda rejuvenating cream contains the finest saffron from Kashmir. Saffron lightens and brightens uneven skin, reduce dark circles and pigmentation marks, repairing fine lines, and age spots.

The other ingredients of this night cream are Indian Maddar (known for antiseptic properties), aloe vera(softens the skin), Vetiver and Lotus (cool and clear the skin), and Liquorice(protects from infections). 

One drawback is, this product is highly expensive, might be because of the saffron content. 


  • Ayurvedic product with 97.5% natural ingredients
  • Contains saffron from Kashmir
  • Relieve dark circles
  • Reduces dark spots


  • Highly expensive
  • Not that good for oily skin type

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Best Pimple Cream for Oily Skin in 2022

#4. Sebogel Salicylic Acid & Nicotinamide Gel

Sebogel Salicylic Acid & Nicotinamide Gel

Salicylic acid treatment gels are Beta-Hydroxy acid which is commonly prescribed for mild acne and open pores.

Salicylic acid will help you to remove the dead cells from the skin, clears acne, soothes skin and hydrates your skin to keep it radiant. 

Sebogel salicylic acid and nicotinamide gel is perfect to open closed skin pores and to get rid of acne in oily skin. Advised usage of this product is 2-3 times a day on the affected area in order to get a pimple-free skin. 


  • Open closed pores
  • Best for mild acne 
  • Special formula for pimples and oily skin


  • Need to apply many times a day regularly to see results

#5. Himalaya Herbals Acne-n-Pimple Cream

Himalaya Herbals Acne-n-Pimple Cream

If you are looking for a herbal solution for your pimples and breakouts Himalaya Herbals Acne-n-Pimple cream is one of the best choices. 

The ingredients in this Himalaya cream provide a soothing and cooling effect on the skin cells. Those herbal ingredients are lentil, silk-cotton tree and five-leaved chaste tree extracts, Barbados aloe and alum.

This herbal cream by Himalaya promises to fight acne and pimple breakouts while keeping your skin soft and smooth. Apart from this, the cream has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. 


  • Has antiseptic properties
  • Provides a cooling effect
  • Natural ingredients
  • No parabens
  • Inexpensive
  • Safe for all skin types


  • Not good for dark spots

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#6. Actreat Clindamycin and Nicotinamide Gel

Actreat Clindamycin and Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide is a Vitamin B3 derivative that treats acne inflammations. When Nicotinamide combined with Clindamycin, pimples heal faster and breakouts are under control. The cream dries the acne and reduces it gradually. 

Actreat Clindamycin and Nicotinamide Gel is useful for both men and women. You could use this gel to treat mild to severe acne. This cream can help you to avoid new breakouts if you start using it in the initial stage itself.

The composition of this gel is Clindamycin – 1%,  Nicotinamide – 5% and the rest is Aloe – Allantoin gel base.


  • Useful for acne and pimples
  • Avoid new breakouts
  • Pleasant smell
  • Exfoliating effect to the face skin
  • Travel-friendly


  • May take time to show results

Best Face Cream for Oily Skin and Pimples in 2022

#7. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Fairness Face Cream

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Fairness Face Cream

Roop Mantra is an ayurvedic medicinal cream suitable for oily skin type.

This cream has a unique blend of 12 herbal ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Basil, Turmeric, Carrot, Grapes, Lemon, Almonds, Apple, Mulethi, Sandal, Neem and Cucumber.

All these ingredients are known for fairness or antiseptic properties.

Roop Mantra face cream helps to remove pimples, acne, dark spots, boils, scars and wrinkles. Also, helps to retain skin elasticity and skin hydration. 

Both men and women can use this night cream. Take the cream on the fingertip and massage gently over the cleansed face twice daily. 


  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • 12 herbal ingredients
  • Good on oily skin
  • Inexpensive


  • Not so good on dry skin 

#8. SebaMed Face Care Gel

SebaMed Face Care Gel

Sebamed face care gel is aimed for impure and acne-prone skin. This cream acts as a perfect moisturizer on oily skin especially on summer days. The Sebamed gel is dermatologically formulated with a pH of 5.5 which protects your skin from acne-causing bacteria.

Major ingredients of Sebamed face care gel are, Aloe barbadensis, Hyaluronic acid, Allantoin and Panthenol. 

Aloe Barbadensis helps to soothe the irritated skin, Hyaluronic acid increases the moisturizing capacity of the skin, Allantoin soothes the rough and dry skin and Panthenol supports the healing of acne lesions.

Though this cream is good for oily type skin, it is not so good for dry skin people. Other than this, the price is also on a bit higher side.


  • No paraben or colourants
  • Good moisturizer 
  • Does not contain oil
  • Open flip cap for easy disposal 


  • The price is a bit high compared to the quantity
  • Not that good for dry skin

#9. Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream

Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream

Vicco Turmeric skin cream is a popular ayurvedic skincare cream with turmeric as an integral part of its ingredient list. This skincare cream is perfect to fight against skin infections, inflammations, blemishes and pimples. 

The antiseptic properties of turmeric help to heal acne and scars. For dry skin type, Vicco turmeric isn’t very helpful because the cream itself is dry in texture. 

Apart from healing acne and pimples, this ayurvedic medicinal cream is good to treat boils and burns. 


  • Reduce dark spots and dark circles
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Friendly packing
  • Medium pricing
  • Good for pigmentation
  • Contains SPF
  • Vegan and Halal certified


  • Not so good for dry skin

Best Cream for Pimples and Blackheads in 2022

#10. Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Oil-Free Anti-Acne Gel

Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Oil-Free Anti-Acne Gel

Biotique Bio  Chlorophyll gel is for oily and acne-prone skin. This ayurvedic cream helps to keep the skin nourished and clear without flaking. 

The highlight of Biotique Bio Chlorophyll acne cream is the content of Chlorophyll (the ‘green’ in all plants meant to absorb the energy of the sun) in its ingredients. 

Chlorophyll is blended with the extracts of seaweed, sea algae, aloe vera and gum arabic to tighten pores and prevent blemishes. 

The preferred usage is twice daily, morning and evening on a cleansed face and neck to refresh the skin.


  • Act as an antibacterial moisturizer
  • Good for acne, pimples, skin hydration & skin toning
  • Inexpensive
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No preservatives added


  • Sticky on the skin

#11. Avene Cleanance Expert Cream

Avene Cleanance Expert Cream

Avene Cleanance Expert emulsion aimed to eliminate mild to moderate blemishes, spots and blackheads.

This is an ideal product for oily type skin to avoid pimples. Also, Cleanance expert limits the spread of acne spreading bacteria. 

This emulsion has a medium consistency so that it gets absorbed to the skin easily. Regular usage can smoothen the skin and reduce the occurrence of whiteheads and zits.

Also, it prevents clogged pores by controlling the production of excess sebum.

If you are looking for a product that can heal your skin while regulating oil production, then the Avene Cleanance Expert is a great choice.


  • Paraben and oil-free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Mild good fragrance
  • Reduces redness and inflammation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisturizes the skin


  • Little expensive


Out of these eleven best pimple creams, I have two personal recommendations for you. 

One is Vicco Turmeric skincare cream that works well with my oily skin and the other is Biotique Bio Chlorophyll gel that greatly helps to reduce the redness due to pimples.