Facial Cleanser for Black Skin

Last Updated: 4th January 2022

Facial cleansing removes dirt, oil, pollutants, bacteria and old dead skin.

Regular use of facial cleanser removes these impurities and gives your face a fresh, vibrant and young look.

Best Facial Cleanser For Black Skin in 2022

#1. Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam 

Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam

Sebamed is known for the gentle formulation that is helpful if you have very sensitive acne prone African American skin. 

Sebamed foam is a soap-free formula that cleanses dirt off of your skin while maintaining the pH of the skin from 4.5 to 5.5. This will help in fighting against bacterial infections that are the main cause of acne breakouts. 

The foam has panthenol as the moisturizer that is gentle yet thoroughly cleanses your skin. Sebamed foam helps in the healing of irritated skin and regeneration of skin cells making your skin soft and supple. 


  • Deep cleanses the skin without dryness
  • Removes oil from the skin and prevents excess oil production
  • Compared to other foam Sebamed is easy to wash off and does not leave any residue. 


  • Need more quantity to lather up. 

#2. Shea Moisture Clarifying Facial Wash & Scrub

Shea Moisture Clarifying Facial Wash & Scrub

Shea moisture facial cleanser is designed for African American oily skin and helps in removing dark spots, discoloration while giving you a uniform skin tone. Tamarind extracts in the cleanser act as natural exfoliators. 

Tea tree oil in the cleanser is a purifying essential oil that is gentle on your skin and helps to mattify and smoothen your skin. Shea moisture doubles as a cleanser as well as a scrub. 

Shea Moisture is free of sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils making it a safe option for sensitive black skin also. You need to use the cleanser 1-2 times a week to give time for your skin to regenerate. 


  • Paraben and sulfate-free. 
  • Tamarind extracts help tighten the pores and exfoliates. 
  • Shea Moisture can be used as a cleanser as well as a scrub. 


  • Some users have complained about the consistency of the product. 

#3. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser 

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Cetaphil daily facial cleanser is a gentle formulation for normal to an oily type of African American skin that makes it an effective cleanser to use on a daily basis. 

Cetaphil has a foaming formula that removes dirt from your skin without stripping off its natural oils which might lead to dryness and itching. 

The cream is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic meaning that the cleanser won’t clog the skin pores, in turn, that prevents acne breakouts. 


  • Cetaphil is an effective makeup remover
  • Gentle and hypoallergenic – safe for sensitive skin 
  • It does not remove essential oils in the skin
  • Non-comedogenic


  • Strong fragrance
  • More quantity is required for it to lather up
  • Not effective in controlling acne breakouts 

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Best Facial Cleanser For African American Skin 

#4. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Cream Facial Cleanser

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Cream Facial Cleanser

Neutrogena oil-free acne wash is designed for African American skin to treat acne and thorough cleansing of pores. The cream consists of grapefruit extracts that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. 

Grapefruit extracts even out skin tone irregularities and eliminates free radicals. This also helps skin to look young and healthy. 

Neutrogena acne wash contains salicylic acid for acne treatment. Micro clear technology enables the delivery of salicylic acid to the specific areas of acne source curbing an outbreak. 

The creamy froth generated from the cream helps to remove dirt and makeup. Neutrogena oil-free acne wash also helps in reducing blackheads and blemishes with the help of microbeads that help in exfoliating. 


  • Controls acne breakouts
  • Eliminates excess oil – suitable for oily skin 
  • Clears blackheads and blemishes


  • Neutrogena oil-free acne wash does not lather up 
  • Leaves a film on the skin after washing
  • Some users have complained about dry skin after daily use

#5. LAVO Glycolic Acid Face Wash

LAVO Glycolic Acid Face Wash

Lavo Glycolic acid face wash is formulated to be a gentle face cleanser with natural exfoliators, unlike other scrubs that have plastic microbeads. Lavo face wash nourishes and hydrates your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. 

The cream has glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and lactic acid. In combination, these ingredients penetrate the pores and dissolve dead skin cells to open up clogged pores and remove acne-causing bacteria. 

Pineapple and papaya extract in the face wash act as natural exfoliators to reveal fresh skin. Lavender and vitamin B extracts regulate sebum production thereby maintaining oil production. 

Lavo glycolic acid is effective on both men and women’s skin. The cream is irritation-free and can be used on sensitive skin. 


  • Removes blackheads and blackspots
  • Exfoliates skin and opens up pores
  • Removes excess oil by dissolving it 
  • Irritation free – can be used on sensitive skin


  • Some users have complained about leaving the skin dry
  • Lavo face wash does not lather well

#6. Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel Facial Cleanser for Combination To Oily Skin 

Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel Facial Cleanser for Combination To Oily Skin

Bioderma is a gel-based cleanser with an ultra-gentle, soap-free formula. Bioderma is composed of zinc sulfate and copper sulfate that cleanse the outer skin without clogging pores. 

The patented component “Fluidactiv Sebo-Correcting Complex” in the gel regulates the sebum production that keeps the skin from overproducing oil during the day. 

The oil-controlling aspect of the gel makes bioderma an excellent choice for combination to oily black skin types. Bioderma works even for dry skin by maintaining moisture during the cleansing process. 


  • Soap-free and gentle formula – suitable for delicate skins
  • Cleanses skin without removing moisture
  • Reduces black spots and cystic acne


  • Inconsistent pumping mechanism
  • Strong fragrance

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#7. M3 Naturals Activated Charcoal Scrub Infused with Collagen and Stem Cell

M3 Naturals Activated Charcoal Scrub Infused with Collagen and Stem Cell

M3 activated charcoal scrub is an all-natural formula that combines dead sea salts helpful to get rid of excess oil and impurities. M3 scrub reduces the size of the pores and balances the pH of the skin to prevent acne-causing bacteria. 

The scrub is infused with collagen and stem cells that promote new cell growth and improve skin cell longevity. Together these ingredients deliver anti-aging performance over continuous usage. 

M3 scrub reduces the appearance of acne, stretch marks, and blackheads. All ingredients used here are natural making it helpful to be used on sensitive black skins. 


  • Removes excess oils
  • M3 has anti-aging properties. 
  • Natural ingredients – suitable for sensitive skin. 


  • The smell can be irritating. 

#8. ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub | 100% Vegan

ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub | 100% Vegan

Acure brightening facial scrub is an excellent option for vegans who care about the origin of the ingredients in products they use. 

Acure ingredients include plant extracts such as pomegranate, blackberry, and acai rich in antioxidants that increase radiance by thorough exfoliation. 

The cream has no sulfates, paraffin, parabens, and mineral oils that can cause irritation and inflammation in the skin. Lemon peel granules are used as scrubs that help smoothen and soften the skin while removing dead skin revealing glowing skin. 

The cream has a smooth texture and scrubs are of medium-size that help in the right amount of exfoliation. 

You can use it 2-3 times in a week allowing your skin to regenerate. Sea kelp that contains a variety of nutrients enriches and detoxifies the skin for a bright looking face. 


  • No harmful chemicals – safe for sensitive skin
  • Lightens acne spots and blackheads
  • Makes skin soft after wash
  • Acure does not make skin dry 


  • Some users have complained about the counterfeit products on amazon.

#9. Acne Free Blackhead Removing Exfoliating Face Scrub

Acne Free Blackhead Removing Exfoliating Face Scrub

Acne free blackhead removing exfoliating face scrub is designed for those with serious acne and blackhead issues. The formulation is gentle on your skin. 

Acne free scrub includes salicylic acid known to greatly reduce acne breakout and act as an exfoliator by cleansing skin and tightening pores. 

Jojoba used in the scrub – moisturize, soothe and hydrate the skin while charcoal draws out impurities from the skin. The scrub can be used for combination type black skin and dry skin. 


  • Deep cleanse
  • Removes blackheads and prevents acne
  • Unclogs pores and tightens them


  • If it gets into your eyes, you may feel strong irritation due to strong salicylic acid. 

#10. Extra Gentle Daily Scrub by Cetaphil

Extra Gentle Daily Scrub by Cetaphil

Cetaphil extra gentle daily scrub is designed for black sensitive skin that requires regular exfoliation. Cetaphil extra gently scrubs away dry and dull skin to reveal glowing new skin. 

If you have dry skin, then Cetaphil scrub is a better option because it cleanses your skin without stripping all the essential oils in the skin. The cream contains skin conditioners and vitamins that make your skin soft and supple. 

Cetaphil daily scrub is formulated with fine micro granules for scrubbing that are gentle on the skin that makes it suitable for everyday usage. 

The cream is non-comedogenic meaning it won’t clog pores, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. This makes Cetaphil daily scrub suitable for sensitive African American skin. 


  • Suitable for both dry and oily skin
  • Hypoallergenic – safe for sensitive skin
  • Gentle exfoliators – can be used daily


  • The fragrance is not pleasant. 

#11. Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub & Face Exfoliator

Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub & Face Exfoliator

Microdermabrasion facial scrub is an exfoliator designed to be gentle on the skin yet tough on dirt and impurities. The exfoliator used here is natural walnut shells instead of plastic microbeads. 

These natural exfoliators gently loosen the dirt and wash off dead cells leaving behind healthy glowing skin. 

The scrub also has Aloe vera that moisturizes your skin leaving your skin feeling glowing and supple. 

Manuka honey in the scrub helps to balance skin pH and boosts the skin immune system preventing acne breakouts. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to reduce free radicals and prevents premature aging. 

Microdermabrasion consists of all-natural ingredients helpful on a very sensitive black skin where you can not use chemical-based scrubs. 


  • Microdermabrasion can be used on dry skin
  • A small amount is enough
  • Natural ingredients – safe for sensitive skin
  • Removes blackheads and acne scars


  • Microdermabrasion can feel greasy after washing
  • Scrubbing particles are small so you might not get a deep exfoliation

How To Choose Best Facial Cleanser For Black Skin 

African American skins experience hyperpigmentation that might lead to acne or dry, itchy and inflamed skin, a condition known as dermatitis. 

So choosing a face cleanser suitable for your skin type is very important. 

#1. Choose a Non-Comedogenic Cleanser

Choosing a cleanser or a scrub that is non-comedogenic that does not clog pores is essential. Closed pores mean dirt in the pores and this can cause blackheads and acne issues. 

#2. Avoid Artificial Fragrances And Harmful Chemicals

Cleansers or scrubs containing parabens and paraffin are harmful to your skin. Products with artificial fragrances should also be avoided to prevent inflammation and breakouts. 

#3. Identify The Type Of Your Skin

Identifying the type of skin you have, oily, dry, or combination skin helps you in choosing the right cleanser better suited to your skin type.

 #4. Pick a Cleanser With a Moisturizing Agent

African-American skins tend to look ashy if the skin is too dry after the wash. A cleanser that has a moisturizing agent is a good option. 

#5. Choose a Cleanser With Lower pH

If you are an African-American with oily skin, your cleanser should have lower pH content. Because If a higher pH content cleanser is used, then it can remove excess oil from the skin resulting in dry skin and can damage the pores. 

#6. Go For a Cleanser With Natural Ingredients 

If you have very sensitive skin, then you should go for a cleanser that is made up of 100% natural ingredients. 

While this option can work for those with dry or oily skin, those with combination skin should check for gentle cleansers that are suitable for all types of skin. 


Choosing a cleanser comes down to the type of skin you have. Cetaphil daily facial cleanser is a great option for African-American combination type skin. 

Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam is a suitable option because it helps to cleanse your face without being harsh on your skin especially if you have sensitive acne-prone skin.

ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub is a good option for those who prefer vegan products. Along with exfoliation that can keep your skin smooth and supple after every wash.