Removing Gorilla Glue from Skin

Last updated: 05th January 2022

Gorilla glue is one of the hardest adhesive. It is water activated polyurethane formula which form an incredibly strong bond. It’s made with tiny rubber particles for an impact as a resistant bond.

Gorilla glue is harmful by inhalation and irritating to the eyes, respiratory system, and skin as it contain very harmful chemical.

Worst part of gorilla glue is when it come into contact with your skin, it is very hard to remove. It may cause for skin reaction like irritation, redness, dermatitis. Tearing of the skin is a common danger with this gorilla glue. It necessary to take precaution while using it.

The manufacturer of this product is highly recommended to take below precaution:

  • Chemical resistant or high-quality gloves are recommended
  • Wear chemical or safety glasses
  • Wear suitable protective clothing

You can remove gorilla glue with help of some material by using 4 mentioned ways. Precaution is needed while you follow the method. The forceful application can cause some skin issue.

How to Remove Wet and Tacky Gorilla Glue From Skin

Method #1. Removing Wet and Tacky Gorilla Glue

It is very easy to remove when it is not completely dry.

  • Wipe the skin where gorilla glue is stick with the help of dry cloth or paper towel. As it is in tacky form you can catch it immediately and you may remove all the glue from skin.
  • Wash you hand with soap and cold water.

Note: Liquid soap is more powerful rather than bar soap as it will provide additional

friction. And in liquid soap using of dish-washing soap instead of hand wash soap

is more effective.

But if you have sensitive skin, use liquid hand wash only. Liquid dishwasher

contain a chemicals which may allergic to you and will irritate your skin.

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How to Remove Dry Gorilla Glue from Skin & Hands 

In this methods you have some patience and effort to remove gorilla glue.

Method #2. Exfoliators

You can use natural exfoliators like sugar or salt. Salt is good for exfoliation, eliminating the roughness, dryness of the skin. Salt scrubs are a good choice for where skin can get especially dry and hard.

Sugar is gentle alternative for a physical exfoliant for your skin. Sugar scrubs are perfect for exfoliating dead skin off of your body. By using sugar scrub, your skin will be exfoliated and moisturized.

  • Wash your hand with liquid soap and cold water.
  • While you are washing hand take little beat of sugar or salt into your hand. Just rub it for some time.
  • After washing and rubbing process dry your hand with towel.
  • Apply the moisturizer on skin to keep your skin hydrated. As the gorilla glue can cause the dryness of the skin.

Method #3. Acetone

Acetone is especially known for very strong solvent. It is use for cleaning purpose. It is a polar organic solvent and therefore dissolves a wide variety of substances. It has low chemical reactivity. Acetone is one of the active ingredient in nail polish remover.

If you have sensitive skin stay protected from dryness and tear of the skin. It may cause for red and irritation mainly for sensitive skin. Before using it make sure it is not harm to you. Otherwise you avoid this method.

  • Fill a bowl with acetone or nail polish remover containing acetone. Dip your fingers into the acetone. Leave it for two or three minutes.

Note : Make sure that Nail polish remover does not contain any harsh


  • Remove your fingers from the acetone and gently pry a fingernail from the opposite hand under the glue.
  • If your fingers are glued together then gently wiggle the fingers to see if the dislodge. Do not force to fingers for apart. This may cause for tearing the skin.
  • If gorilla glue is drip on other surface on skin then apply acetone on surface by rubbing on skin with the help of cotton swab or cotton ball by dipping it into acetone.
  • If the gorilla glue remain bonded. Then repeat the procedure. Dip your fingers. And remain for five minutes. Try to safely remove remove the glue.
  • Wash your hand with liquid soap and cold water. Simply dry the skin.
  • At the end apply the moisturizer on skin. As by using glue or acetone your skin became dry. Moisturiser can help to restore it’s moisture and essential oil on skin.

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Method #4. Scrubbing Method by solid material

Before applying scrubbing method you have to make the glue soften. For that you have need oil based material. You can use oil based materials like hand lotion, olive oil, sunflower oil, baby oil, Lip gloss, lip balm, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), nonstick cooking spray, or oil-based makeup removers on your skin for several minutes. All the element are gentle for your skin. By using one of this material can help you to become glue soften.

You can also use argan oil with shea oil which lightly moisturize your skin, soften the glue and it is a very good solvent.

Scrubbing material

Pumice stone is a gentle for skin and a known for scrubber. Instead of Pumice stone you also use a knife-sharpening stone, other gritty or rough material. But Pumice stone is better option.

You can also use sandpaper. It is also known for scrubber and easily available in store.

Scrubbing process may cause for tear or irritation. It is recommended to avoid this method if you have sensitive skin.

  • Apply one of the oil-based materials on your skin for several minutes.
  • Create a circular motion on your skin.
  • Use a knife-sharpening stone, pumice stone, or other gritty or rough material to scrub your skin. Scrub on skin with strong but slow motion. Your forceful activity can cause for tearing your skin and alternate rub your skin with your fingers to prevent friction burns.
  • Attempt this for several minutes.
  • If glue is remove from your skin then wash your hand with liquid soap and cold water.

Method #5. Scrubbing Method by Liquid form

Homemade mixture

You can made scrubber with the use of homemade mixture with following proportion and mixed it well until it bubbles :

Washing soda / soda ash (5 to 10%)

Liquid detergent (0.2 to 2%)

Water (add to reach 100%)


Citrus or fruit like lemon which contain citrus is a rich natural source of vitamin C, which helps destroy free radicals in your body. As this is natural and organic ingredient, not harmful to you. This element help to breaks down the glue that sticks to your hand.

For application of citrus method you can use lemon, a citrus oil or skin-safe citrus-based cleaner. On the other hand this method is advisable if your skin is injured, crack as it’s acidic content can cause for stinging effect on skin.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic used on the skin to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

  • Rub your skin by using any one of above material.
  • Rub it over the glued area until it disintegrates.
  • If it is doesn’t work on first attempt then repeat the process.
  • Once done, wash your hands with liquid soap and cold water.

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Important Tips on Removing Gorilla Glue

  • At the end of each step it is necessary to apply moisturiser. It is advisable to use moisturiser which contain natural ingredient instead of harmful chemical. Gorilla glue and any one of above material may cause dryness of your skin then the moisturiser help to restore your skin health or essential oil.
  • Apply any one method patiently as the forceful application can cause damages for your skin.
  • If you have sensitive skin, then there may be chances of tear the skin, cuts or irritation with dryness. So it is highly recommended to use the method which ingredient is not irritate plus allergic to you.Chemical Free method is recommended for sensitive skin. If you find continuous irritation and feeling unwell with gorilla glue then consult with skin specialist.
  • In some cases effect of gorilla glue is remain like brownish color or stain on skin. It may take four to five days for fading stain completely. Waiting is recommended for vanishing the effect.
  • Keep your skin moisturized with lotion during this waiting period for prevent some skin issue cause by gorilla glue.
  • After each and every use cross check that the cap of tube shut tightly to prevent from spilling over skin or other area while next use.
  • Repeated and prolonged contact may cause irritation or skin issue. It is advisable to take all precaution while using it.